T-Resort Tien Mama Restaurant


Tien Mama Restaurant provides a refined yet hearty Western/Chinese breakfast buffet as well as a special hot spring menu.
The emphasis of the special hot spring menu is as follows: enjoy the best gourmet food while imposing zero burden on your body. The principle of preparing the menu is “three lows and one high”:

"low sugar, low oil, low salt, and high fiber.” This is in line with the idea of a healthy diet among modern people. The menu offers many benefits to your body, and the health concept is combined with ingredients that are seasonal agricultural products from Taitung. Together with the wellness Spa, the restaurant aims to serve customers with healthful food while developing unique, rustic and flavorsome homely cuisines.

Meal Type Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Opening Times 07:00 ~ 09:30 11:00 ~ 14:00 17:00~ 20:00
Type Western/Chinese Buffet Idyllic cuisines and set meals Idyllic cuisines and set meals
Prices Adult NT$250
Child NT$125
Set meals NT$1500 and up
Special Hot Spring Menu NT$250
Set meals NT$1500 and up
Special Hot Spring Menu NT$250

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