Info & Policies

[ Amenities ]
In-room WiFi, cable channels, self-service laundry, free clothes dryers, and free parking.

[ Check-in ]
The check-in time is after 15:00, and the check-out time before 11:00 (in the morning).
When checking in, please present the original of your ID or driver license for verification.
Regular accommodations come with free breakfasts and SPA vouchers (depending on the room type). Special rules apply to special offers.
Checking out after the specified time will be charged NT$200 for each overdue hour; Being overdue for more than 30 minutes will be counted as an hour.
Please note that the number of staying guests must not exceed the maximum number allowed in each room. The Resort reserves the right to refuse service if the number of guests exceeds the maximum number allowed.

[ Weekday & Holiday ]
Weekday: Any day from Sunday to Friday; Holiday: Saturday and the day before the end of consecutive holidays; subject to changes based on the Resort’s announcement.

[ Extra Person Services ]
Extra person services are only available for Cypress Leisure Room, Zen Honeymoon Hot Spring Room, and Premier Hot Spring Room (including. soft mattress, amenities, breakfast, and Spa voucher).
Every extra person will be charged NT$600 (not applicable during the lunar new year).

[ Other Info ]
To ensure a pleasant stay for all guests, smoking is prohibited indoors. Also, pets such as cats and dogs are not permitted; violators will be charged a cleaning fee of NT$5,000.
To maintain public and personal safety, it is forbidden to cook in the room or use gas, induction stoves, or other similar heating devices. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Do not move the furniture in the room without permission since all the rooms have wooden floors. Guests who have moved any furniture and caused damage to the wooden floors have to compensate for the cost of such damage.
Photos of the rooms are for reference only and the actual interior of the rooms may vary.
Free Parking Lot (safety of cars not guaranteed)
The showers in the Resort Building and Cypress Leisure Rooms are provided with ordinary hot water. If you would like to use the hot spring, please go to the Wellness Spa or reserve a Zen Hot Spring Room.


Reservation Policies -only applicable to reservations on the Resort’s website; special rules, if any, will apply to special offers.

[ Online Reservations ]
The rates stated online include business taxes and service fees. If you choose to pay by swiping a credit card online, the fees will be directly charged to your credit card account after the transaction is successful.

[ Delayed Check-ins ]
For those who have to delay their check-in due to traffic or other reasons and can check in only after 18:00, please call the Resort first, or the reservation will be cancelled without a refund.

[ Change Reservations ]
If you would like to change the dates of your reservation, please call the Resort for assistance.
Only one change per reservation is allowed. Also, cancelling a changed reservation is not refundable and will be handled according to reservation policies.
If a changed reservation is more expensive than the original one, the guest(s) must pay the difference at the Resort; if a changed reservation is cheaper than the original one, the Resort will not refund the difference.

[ Cancellation ]
Please note that cancellation will incur a deposit according to the following rules.
If cancelled on the day of the stay, 100% of the deposit will be deducted.
If cancelled 1 day before the day of the stay, 80% of the deposit will be deducted.
If cancelled 2-3 days before the day of the stay, 70% of the deposit will be deducted.
If cancelled 4-6 days before the day of the stay, 60% of the deposit will be deducted.
If cancelled 7-9 days before the day of the stay, 50% of the deposit will be deducted.
If cancelled 10-13 days before the day of the stay, 30% of the deposit will be deducted.
If you cancel your reservation at least 14 days before the day of the stay, a handling fee of NT$30 will be charged for domestic transfer and the rest of the deposit will be returned.
If you would like to cancel your online reservation, please directly contact us by phone.
For those paying with a credit card, we will issue a refund to your credit card account.

[ Cancellation due to Special Reasons ]
If you cannot make it to the Resort due to force majeure (e.g. earthquake, typhoon, based on the announcement made by the local government of where the Resort is located), please contact the Resort for a refund or delay your stay 3 days (the day of arrival included) within the days of your stay originally planned.  
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