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Item Rate Explanation

Wellness Hot Spring Public Pool Spa Vouchers



For those who are at least 13 years old and not eligible for other types of tickets.




1.Children 12 years old or younger: An ID must be shown (Children between 116 cm and 150 cm in height do not need to show the ID).
2.Guests older than 65 years old: An ID must be shown.
3.Guests with disabilities and one companion for each eligible person: An ID must be shown.
★Eligible guests who fail to show any ID will have to purchase tickets for adults.


Infants/toddlers no more than 3 years old: An ID must be shown (infants/toddlers below 115 cm in height do not need to show the ID).

Indoor Pool for Two


Two people in One Room



Maximum time: 50 minutes. Only 2 people are allowed at the same time in each room.
★Due to the limited space, each room can accommodate 1 more person at most. An extra fee of NT$175 will be charged.
★To ensure your safety, you are not permitted to use the room on your own. 
★Access is only limited to the Indoor Pool for Two. If you would like to use the Wellness Hot Spring Public Pool, you have to purchase another ticket.
★The rates differ during the lunar new year holidays.


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