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There are tips on how to enjoy a hot spring waiting for you to learn about. It’s a lot to learn in order to enjoy a hot spring.
1.You must wear a bathing suit (including a swimming cap) at all times when entering the area (except for the Indoor Pool for Two).
2.Please bring your own towels.
3.Children must be accompanied by adults and wear safety apparel.
4.Pets, alcohol, and gas are prohibited within the entire area. Please keep your own belongings safe.
5.You have to take off your shoes before entering the dressing room. You can bring a pair of casual shoes to wear in other parts of the area.
6.For your safety: Those with cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other circulatory system diseases should enter a hot spring only with the doctor's instructions; pregnant women, those with limited mobility, the elderly and children should not enter the hot spring without a companion; do not enter the pool when you are drunk or on an empty/full stomach; women during the menstruation or those with infectious diseases should not enter the pool.
7.Please comply with the rules for using the facilities of the Resort and follow the instructions of the lifeguards. The Resort reserves the right to ask a violator to leave the premises.


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How to Properly Enjoy A Hot Spring

First use some hot spring water to “warm up” your body. Pour the water on your feet, then slowly moving upward. Moisten the whole body with the spring water until you reach the shoulders. Lastly, pour some water over your head. When entering the hot spring pool, especially when the water's temperature is high, it is important to first warm up your body from toes to head to prevent cerebral ischemia. Then, slowly enter the pool, and immerse your body up to the shoulders only when all your body is warmed up. This is also called a full-body bath. This progressive bathing technique will prevent the development of cephalemia.

Duration of a Hot Spring Bath
The duration depends on the temperature of the hot spring. If you are sweating profusely or your heart is racing, you should get out and take a break for 5 or 6 minutes before going back for a second round.
It is better to soak in the pool for only 15 minutes every time. However, you can enter and leave the pool multiple times. Do not soak in the hot spring more than 3 times a day. If you sweat too much or your heart rate increases to more than 120 beats per minute, you have probably spent too much time in the spring.

Hot Spring and Health
Those with cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other circulatory disorders should enter a hot spring only with the doctor's instructions. After soaking in the hot spring, you should slowly get up, exit the pool, and take some rest if experiencing palpitations or dizziness. If your condition has not improved, you must not enter the pool again. The elderly or those with a weaker heart, when soaking in the hot spring, should not squat down but instead rest your head on the edge of the pool (or tub) and float on the water with limbs spread to avoid palpitations or chest tightness.
The elderly should not enter a hot spring pool without a companion.

Right Ways to Take a Hot Spring Bath
When entering a hot spring pool or tub, stay away from the high-temperature water outlet. You can spend a longer time in a proper hot spring with greater effectiveness. According to the heat tolerance of human skin, a hot spring of 38 to 42℃ is best; the temperature should not exceed 45℃ to avoid scalding. Stay calm and concentrated to allow the chemical and physical stimulants of the hot spring to bring about positive effects on your health. Upon exiting the pool, use a towel to wipe dry your body and hair. Unless you have sensitive skin, do not rinse off the oils left on your skin with water to stay warm.
Before entering the pool, you should drink enough water to maintain the balance of your body. Avoid eating too much after soaking in the hot spring.
After soaking in the hot spring, avoid drinking coffee or strong tea, or smoking in order to extend and increase the benefits of the hot spring bath.

The information on this page comes from Taiwan Hot Spring and Food Carnival organized by Tourism Bureau.


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